Sissy of the Year ENTRANT

Distracted Gina

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Twitter: @distractedgina

Instagram: n/a

Fetlife: distractedgina

Distracted Gina Bio

I’ve always been a sissy…from the moment my sister did my first makeover to the time I lost my virginity to a man while wearing a dress. While at the beginning I only saw this as a forced feminization fetish I slowly identified more and more with being a sissy and feeling like my girl self in all aspects of life. I feel like the experiences I’ve accumulated for more than half of my life have shown me that denying who I am is only denying myself the happiness that every sissy deserves to have. That’s why I started taking pride in my appearance and learning makeup as well as feminizing my body with whatever tools I could find. I knew that the forced aspect of the feminization was simply a way for me to deny my own desires by saying that I was simply following the orders of someone else, therefore my feminization would always be the consequences of someone else’s actions. I am here to say though that embracing my sissy side and taking responsibility for my own feminization has lead me to a place of peace with myself where I finally don’t feel ashamed of who I am and I wish that on everyone else who partakes in this fetish.

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