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For as many years as I can remember, I have been secretly drawn to the frilly world of babification and petticoat discipline. I find myself particularly aroused by extreme humiliation and teasing. In the past I tried to resist these intense longings and even was once married. Yet my constant premature ejaculations only served to reinforce my failure as a man. In the end it was the key "irreconcilable difference" that led my previous wife to seek fulfillment outside of our marriage before our eventual divorce.

And so now, after being dissected as a weak and delicate little pansy, I've been "demoted" into full-time diapers, which is quite appropriate since my little pee-pee now constantly dribbles uncontrollably. In fact, I can no longer can tell the difference between making 'wettums' and making 'creamies' (the sensation is literally the same). Worse yet, I have a very small 'peenie', which pales in comparison to what a typical grown man uses to ravish a woman.

Having come to terms with my utter inadequacy, I no longer fantasize about ravishing the opposite sex. Instead, nothing makes me tingle more than playing girly dress-up games while being forced to frolic around in thick, crinkly diapers and plastic panties. I am required to act and dress in this pathetic manner whilst under the STRICT maternal supervision of my rather stern Governess. Severe discipline awaits should I not do a convincing enough job enacting my 'role', which is necessary for my conditioning so that I am properly desexed as I helplessly spiral into complete and utter sissybabyhood.

PS - All of my adult male clothes have since been replaced by a layette stock full of ridiculously juvenile outfits, such as the pink ruffle-butt heart-bib sun suit I am modeling in this photo submission.

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