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Little Florine Bio

Dear fellow littles/sissies and amazing Mistresses and Dominatrixes,

I'm Florine, 2(6) y.o. from Belgium 🙂

I'm a little sissy that needs to be properly educated to become a grown-up sissy 🎀 Indeed, I still need diapers and I can be a sassy little girl, be careful 😝

I have everything to learn from you, Goddesses. I still need to learn to bend in front of you, to put my make-up, choose my girly clothes, please you with my mouth and of course to be pegged. Anyway, that's not up to me to decide what I need to learn, sorry.

Why do I deserve to win ? I already have the feeling of having won because I discovered a whole community of amazing sissies and people that I want to look like and/or meet. I'm also very proud to show you myself for the first time as a pathetic sissy baby with her 4(!) thick diapers, her girly dress, her curly blond hair and her cutie sheepy but always with a huge smile hidden behind her pacifier. That's only the beginning !

Thanks for organizing the (ABDL) Sissy of the Year, I hope that you'll like the picture as I do. It would be an honor to be designated by a panel of sissy professional like you.

Small game for you : would you be able to find who else is diapered in the picture ? 🤔 Send me a dm on Instagram @bediaperboy.

Don't be fooled by the "boy" in the name, we all know that I'm a pathetic sissy !

Big kisses,


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