Sissy of the Year ENTRANT


Social Media accounts

Twitter: @BirthofMissy

Instagram: n/a

Fetlife: n/a

Missy Bio

I think I should win Sissy Of The Year 2023 because I embody and embrace everything that is great and fantastic about the lifestyle. I'm not afraid to just do my own thing and have a great time doing it which will hopefully inspire others along the way. I'm active within the community (online and in real life) and act as a role model for other girls as well as being there for those that want/need the help. I'm forever trying to improve my looks/outfits as well as push myself out of my comfort zone by trying new things in addition to dutifully serving my Mistress with pride. If my entry inspires or encourages just one more person to give being a sissy a try and all the liberation and benefit that brings then that would just be the cherry on top!

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