Sissy of the Year ENTRANT

Stephie Lou

Social Media accounts

Twitter: @steph_lou_maid

Instagram: n/a

Fetlife: Stephie-lou-maid

Stephie Lou Bio

We all enter a competition to win and to be honest having seen the other amazing entrants I know it won't be me.

A couple reasons for me entering is to be amongst my peers but the main reason is that I hope to be an inspiration for the next generation of sissies.

Future sissies that would see mine and others pics and think yes I want to dress like that in proper sissy attire, bright pink frilly shiny satin over the top feminine outfits and if I can inspire just one person to be there true self I will be a happy sissy.

I spent many happy years in Mrs Silks chat room talking with other girls and getting inspired by the older sissies and there gorgeous frilly outfits, and here I am now one of the "older" sissies. I couldn't've be any prouder to be a pink pansy sissy and I'm at my happiest when I'm in this outfit.

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