Ava Von Medisin

Equal to the most powerful drug and the most ravished addiction I am the only ingredient that is to be desired for the most sensual, delicious and intoxicating medicine.

Once dispensed and tasted, I will devour your aspirations, leaving your mind and body in a constant state of fetish nirvana.

My curvaceous body is exquisite and is of the purest decadent elegance which portrays the finest specimen of superior femininity and powerful fetishistic sexuality.

My red painted lips only need to whisper a commanding well-mannered English tone to drop you to your knees, while my dark passionate eyes penetrate your soul, laying your most perverted secrets naked and exposed.

I can be very intimidating when it comes to humiliation and I absolutely enjoy interrogation scenarios, I especially enjoy witnessing the sheer panic within the mind of a compliant slave as I subject them to an intoxicating combination of fear, suspense and excitement.

Remember your servitude is for my pleasure and the experience you gain is a privilege Sissy!

Mistress Ava Von Medisin