Goddess Sativa

Welcome into my precious realm of kinky perversions. 

I am a very sincere Dominatrix. I harness my power to entrance my submissives as I delve into the very depths of their being.

I demand appreciation. My genuine passion for this lifestyle is rare. It is a part of me. Enjoy the delights of my nature while you can, for I am quite selective with those I allow to be in my company.

As a lifestyle Domina with a stable of slaves, rest assured that I am not acting in session; I genuinely enjoy training slaves. I do not play from any script or routine; I get to know the experience levels and desires of each individual and then craft a session based on that knowledge. I am very open minded, so feel free to discuss your interests and desires with me in a respectful manner. My interests in BDSM cover many areas and aspects of play. I do understand when someone does not enjoy certain types of play. I am a compassionate Domina, and my scenes are conducted in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. I respect limits, but will expand them. I am very creative and do not tolerate topping from the bottom. Trust in me and you will be amazed at my talents!

I am down to earth and easygoing, and I have fun when I play. My favourite part is dressing up and being the beautiful Goddess I am. I truly enjoy the feeling of completion after a really mutually satisfying session. 

My goal is to deeply connect my naturally powerful energies with those of my play mate. I love to look into one’s eyes and delve into the depths of their very being, thereby forming a bond with my subjects that goes beyond space and time to a place only we know. Know that you will leave me with a deeper sense of self. I provide catharsis!

Sissies! Transformations are a specialty! As a professionally trained and certified make up artist, it is my personal joy to make you beautiful! I just love to bring the sensual feeling of femininity to a deserving subject. 

My sissies are very special to me! I am very understanding and can be very nurturing to my sweet sissies and if you have special needs, as long as you are not whiney and annoying, I enjoy working with you as a therapist to bring out the best in you! 

For those that are whiney, well all sissies need some discipline even if it’s just a lil’ spankin’!

While there are several BDSM activities that I enjoy and have expertise in, I am particularly fond of all forms of CBT. No other activity so humbles a male and emphasizes the power of my femininity. Seeing the helplessness in your eyes as I torment and play with your manhood is a serious turn-on for me. Whether its clamps, riding crops, electro-torture (at which I am very well versed), chastity, tease and denial, icy hot, stretcher, kicking, or just the pressure from my hand, I will find a way to break your will and enslave you.

Goddess Sativa