Sissy Manor

Ladies of the Manor

Mistress Wildfire

I love nothing more than to stretch the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract My time and attention. 

I truly appreciate the D/s power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging My dominant nature. 

Mental connection between Me and My slaves is for Me the most important part of having a fulfilling D/s relation and I take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice and in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world.

The training and development of My Sissies focuses on the core areas of control, discipline, obedience and worship.

Whether I am feeling kind, or strict and severe; through instruction and enforcement, reward and punishment, My slaves reach deep levels of servitude as they strive to meet My demanding standards. 

I have a very inquisitive mind and I always enjoy learning new and fascinating things about BDSM – currently I am exploring both fetish and erotic hypnosis which acts as a fascinating addition to the list of my fetishes.

Mistress Wildfire

Lady Sara Borgia

My every decadent move is calculated to induce absolute rapture.

It is not for Me to shout and scream My orders. A short command uttered from My perfect lips and a flash of My piercing and icy stare suffice to bring any man to his knees.

Inescapably intuitive, I will uncover your hidden weakness, whether it be for a firm and gentle hand, or My most wicked device.

Like a diamond, I am sharp and multifaceted: look into My eyes and see the fragments of your desire.

I believe in finding absolute harmony between control and submission during our time together.

Within your bliss, I find My power; in depravity My satisfaction.

Though your dreams may be fulfilled, the need to realise your desires will bring you back to Me as your addiction becomes your reality.

If you are new to the world of BDSM you need not fear.  I will draw out your limits and respect your boundaries as we discover them together, so that your first taste of true submission will burn in your heart, forever cherished.

Come with Me down the rabbit hole and see how far in to My Wonderland your journey will take you…

Lady Sara Borgia

Lynn Cane

I am Lynn Cane, a lifestyle Dominatrix and kinky Lady based in the Netherlands. I’m 27 years old, highly educated and busy with my Masters degree. With my blonde angelic hair and shiny greyblue eyes I will take your breath away when you meet me.

I have the perfect innocent looks combined with a wicked perverse mind; a very addictive combination. I speak English fluently so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

In the kink scene many people are looking for an emotional and physical connection. I offer this in my intense and personal sessions. I specialize in perverse scenario’s, sensual domination, Femdom, feetfetishism, bondage, latex and mental play. Also I’m an artist when it comes to humiliation. 

I love to play. This means that I wake up in the morning by checking fetlife as opposed to Facebook. I don’t just ‘do BDSM’, I breathe it.

Some people whom I have played with have suggested that I can be a ‘Divine Bitch’, a true ‘Mistress’ and the kinky girlfriend all at the same time. My love for intimacy during playing allows for a Dominant/submissive type of contact. The sparkle in my eye while playing will be something you will remember a long time. 

When you look into my eyes you will know you will not stand a chance. I’m your Lady and will be treated in an according manner.

As a Mistress, I've developed my own playstyle. For me BDSM is a personal game. My interests are versatile so I don’t have just one preference. Though I’m well versed in caning, sensual play, disciplinary training, roleplay, powergames, hardsports & of coure Sissification.

 Lynn Cane

Mistress Luci White

I am Miss Luci White, a young, strict, seductive and very sensual Dominatrix from south Manchester.

With My blonde hair, impeccably placed, I am petite with the looks of an angel.

However don’t be fooled, behind the petite beautiful exterior lies a cruel sadistically intrigued Dominant, determined to make your dream turn into a painful or humiliating nightmare.

Harbouring a devious and creative streak that no one would imagine on first sight, My skills and experience ensure any slave who enters My lair will undoubtedly find themselves embarking on an intense journey.

Yet alongside My deliciously cruel streak I use My beauty to tease and coax My adoring slaves, ensuring that most amazing balance between pleasure and sufferance – the ultimate beautiful femme fatale.

Mistress Luci

Ava Von Medisin

Equal to the most powerful drug and the most ravished addiction I am the only ingredient that is to be desired for the most sensual, delicious and intoxicating medicine.

Once dispensed and tasted, I will devour your aspirations, leaving your mind and body in a constant state of fetish nirvana.

My curvaceous body is exquisite and is of the purest decadent elegance which portrays the finest specimen of superior femininity and powerful fetishistic sexuality.

My red painted lips only need to whisper a commanding well-mannered English tone to drop you to your knees, while my dark passionate eyes penetrate your soul, laying your most perverted secrets naked and exposed.

I can be very intimidating when it comes to humiliation and I absolutely enjoy interrogation scenarios, I especially enjoy witnessing the sheer panic within the mind of a compliant slave as I subject them to an intoxicating combination of fear, suspense and excitement.  

Remember your servitude is for my pleasure and the experience you gain is a privilege Sissy!

Mistress Ava Von Medisin

Emma Butt

May I introduce myself...I am Miss EMMA BUTT, Adult actress and one seriously sexy lady.

My appearance is like no other, I have been gifted with many unique qualities...ok some I have brought :-)

I am tall, voluptuous women with a curvy hour glass figure with a narrow waist, buxom bosom and broad hips.

I have tanned skin, long luxurious hair. My green eyes are heavy lidded and seductive with long dark lashes and accented by my shimmering eye shadow. My nose is fairly small,especially in relation to my sensational mouth,and pouting lips which may I add look great wrapped around a champagne glass....did you think I was going to be rude ? No I am a lady.

Well a lady in the streets but a little naughty between the sheets.

My personality is warm and friendly, witty and flirty and I would say I have an infectious personality,easy to get along with and I would make the perfect Lady for the Lucky Sissies who will grace my presence at the Sissy Manor.

I am intelligent, sophisticated and articulate.

I am defiantly someone who can deliver an encounter beyond your wildest thoughts

I will introduce sensual sexual excitement into your life that will leave your pulse racing and you begging me to unlock you chastity.

And at the end of the day

It's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away 

hope to play with you soon Sissy!

Emma Butt

Mistress Scarlett Thorne

I am a London based British Dominatrix and Mistress, with skill, beauty and experience far beyond anything you will have encountered before. I am the absolute undisputed Queen of slutty Crossdressing, sissy bitches and TV tarts as well as being an experienced, skilled and fun loving BDSM practitioner. I offer all forms of kink from the softest Tie and Tease, to extreme discipline.

I can be your redheaded Enchantress, your stunning pre-raphaelite Seductress, your perfect porcelain English rose, your strict English Mistress or your deviant Domina but above all this, you are to be Mine.

I am discreet, honest, educated and highly capable and will take the time to listen to you and to understand what it is that you really need. I am quite unshockable, completely unrepentant and utterly uninhibited.

I am the Proprietress of My Own perverted premises and ‘The TrannyFlat’ of Central London where I never have to rush and My rule is law. I have a well established reputation for discretion and exclusivity as well as organising every sort of grubby, sexy and fun-filled fantasy you could imagine. I am your ultimate London Mistress and kinky fetish companion, with equipment and premises to match.

I have eyes that will hold any stare of rapture and a voice that can soothe your deepest aches and then break your heart and mind into pieces. I have waist length naturally curly dark red hair and a 36E, 24, 38 figure that any sissy slut would strive to copy and any slave would see is deserving of worship.

I have been brutalising boys and crossdressing sissy sluts since My late teens as a Mistress in Central London, meaning I have over a decade of Domination under My tiny clinched belt. I have the advantages of youth, beauty and experience and wish for you to join Me in My fabulous, fun and perverse paradise for all sorts of kinky adventures together…

I am both a committed academic and a rampant Pervert who relishes the filth and fun of discreet but disgraceful behaviour, with completely undeserving boys and sissy bitches just like you. I can be your ultimate London Mistress, Muse, Kinky Courtesan and Fetish Friend. 

Come to Me. Let Me look deep into your eyes. Let Me look deep into your soul. Let Me whisper in your ear that your search has concluded.

Let Me take you over…

Mistress Scarlett Thorne

Princess Jessika

I’m Princess Jessika, a young lifestyle and Pro-Domme Mistress based in London.

I am a Professional Dominatrix, and offer not only live sessions but also online and over the phone.

The world of BDSM has always interested me, and when I was 18, I met by chance my first slave (who still serves me) and I fell naturally into this world. I love the power and self determination it gives me, and the freedom to be myself.

I am a Sadistic Dominant Mistress, but also I believe that it is important to have an empathy, a connection between Mistress and slave to have a successful time together.

Princess Jessika

Hessa Domina

My name is Hessa, a pure Dutch Domina with Amsterdam directness. Some call me Mistress some call me Miss. I prefer Domina, I think this is the perfect way to describe who and what I am.

As i mention in my main title: being Dominant is a trait. One can teach you to play a dominant role in a session but being Dominant is born....through the years I can say I am Dominant, not just in a session but all day everyday anytime every minute, indoor and outdoor.

What can you expact of me: I do not play while checking my watch. One day you leave a little earlier the other day you'll stay a little longer. Its just go with the flow.......

What kind of Domina am I: I only play with the ones I like and with those I love to build up a strong (longterm) 'relation'. The better we know eachother the better the sessions will be. I never plan session after session. I prefer to take time to talk play and shower and drink something. If I dont like you or your fetishes then i wont play with you. I dont want all the slaves in the world to be my slave just a few who deserve it.

Hessa Domina

Miss Laura

Young, Addictive and innocently Sadistic,

Miss Laura has a great imagination and a harsh tongue.

Although beautifully sadistic and dynamic, Miss Laura has a wicked sense of humour and a firm but fair attitude to Her subs.

Miss Laura will not entertain rude or disrespectful Sissies and will quickly punish you. 

Miss Laura is fully aware that you may be a novice or anxious about serving her as a Prissy Sissy Maid.

The main reasons for this may be fears of the unknown or fear that your fetish will be exposed in your vanilla life.

There's no need to worry, Miss Laura is a professional and will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the Day. 

There’s nothing I like better than making a grown man turn into a Prissy Delicate Sissy Girl. 

So Submit now Sissy!

Miss Laura

Mistress Lavinia

Allow me to formally introduce myself I Mistress Lavinia an experienced dominatrix beautiful yet brutal, I adore nothing more than to dominate men, until the point of no return.

My fascination with the BDSM world goes way back I have studied and perfected my craft, and my craft is like no other. I have the unique ability to overpower my victim instantly having them uncontrollably weak at the knees, bowing down in utter admiration and owe to their superior goddess.

You will have to earn your worth, sacrifice and prove to me your value. Admire me whilst I inflict unimaginable pain and misery upon you, your only option is to surrender, submit and give into my ownership of you. 

The mythical psychological torture is instantly transparent, from the moment I lay my fierce eyes on you, you will know that you are mine and no longer in control. The way I can break my victims from within and leave them quaking at the knees in fear is spellbinding, showcasing my supremacy comes oh so natural to I Mistress Lavinia. 

I persist denial, with my long lean legs and seductive hourglass body behind the angelic mask lurks my fierce devilish ways. I will have you obsessed in a trance under my control in owe willing to do anything for me, as I pull your strings like a little puppet.

Knowing your duty is to serve and admire something greater than your entire existence is your only sole purpose and you must endeavour until my satisfaction has been met, and know my standards are very high indeed maybe it’ll take extreme sexual torment or brutal corporal punishment?

You will know my satisfaction has been met when you see my smugness right at that moment I have you at your very weakest holding onto my PVC boots in utter mercy seeking the slightest ounce of empathy, you will never find. 

Submit to me, Sissy Girl!

Mistress Lavinia  

Lady Valeska

I am a well educated, ambitious, multifaceted Alpha Female who has recently moved to London, UK, from her hometown of Toronto, Canada. 

Not only am I an experienced professional Dominatrix, I am also very active in the kink lifestyle and events.

This isn't just something I do for fun—it is an integral part of who I am. That being said, while kink takes up a big part of My life I am also an audiophile, socialite, fashionista and fetish model. 

I have a strong sense of wanderlust and travel frequently around the globe, enjoying all that the kink world has to offer. 

BDSM truly fascinates Me and I relish the many ways it is cathartic to one's life; I adore the structure that comes with proper D/s protocol.

I respect and take pleasure in those perverted, inner-most desires that hide within every submissive. I am nurturing as well as sadistic and love the dance between the two.

 My own fetish is the deep connection that can be forged with a submissive by way of play and other interactions—whether it be through tears, whimpers or laughter. I have a wide variety of kinks and interests, by the end of our time together I will have conquered your mind and body—leaving you begging for more.

Worship Me Sissy!

Lady Valeska

Ladies of the Manor

Mistress Inka

Mistress Inka is a true master of her profession. This stunning beauty can press your buttons to take you on whirlpool of sensory opposites. Curdling your soul from the extremes of pleasure to pain and still leaving you gasping for more.

Mistress Inka is one of the owners of the Maison De Debauch and she prides herself on the range and diversity of the ‘toys’ she has at her disposal. She is particularly fond of medical play and its assortment of ‘instruments’. That is not to take away from her skills at suspension, confinement and sensory torment which is always guaranteed to give her that satisfied smile.

If CBT is an art then this mistress would be a master. Only with a true sadistic streak can one extract the maximum enjoyment from your torment and despair. Whether she chooses to crush you under her boots or perhaps giggle as you writhe and squirm from the application of her wand this mistress will enjoy your pain.

Mistress Inka

Miss Lila

I am not your typical Dominatrix

I'm more of the caring loveable 'Mummy' figure that I know many of you adult babies and sissies need. 

Do you need me to make you look and feel like the pretty prissy sissy that I know you long for?

Maybe you need me to change your adult baby nappy?

Or perhaps you want me to give you a full make over?

Maybe you want me to dress you up in layers of petticoats and cute dresses and have you prance around for me, whilst I laugh and giggle uncontrollably!

You better not be a naughty girl though! I may be the kind and caring Lady, however I do know how to use lots of painful toys and lots of pointy things that can be inserted in dark and dirty areas!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing all you pretty girls!

Miss Lila

Mistress Eliza-Lou

Dominatrix Eliza-Lou is the proprietor & Head Mistress at The Yorkshire Fetish Box. Located in a private & secluded setting in close proximity to Halifax Town Centre.

I have an extremely corrupt and twisted urge to satisfy.

My thirst to dominate the far less superior, this leads to debauched activities that will leave us both feeling alleviated of our villainous desires​​.

I have relished in BDSM and fetish for many years before becoming a Pro-Dom.

I now have over 7 years professional experience, including my training of 3 years.

I trained with a very well known Domme whom has over 25 years professional experience at her chambers.

I cater for BDSM & fetish scenarios, sensual or strict.

For the past 12 months I have produced and featured in many BDSM & fetish clips/films. 

I relish in Putting Men in Dresses and Cannot wait to Sissify YOU!

Mistress Eliza-Lou

Mistress Sakura

An oriental, dark goddess. An elegant and sensual Mistress.

You will be captivated by her exotic eyes and whimsical smile, drawn in by her creative imagination. She will have you begging at her feet, giving thanks for the honour of being allowed to serve her. You will trust her to know what you need and to give it to you. If you deserve it.

She began her journey into dominance as a lifestyle Mistress, learning her arts with her personal slaves. She progressed from there to becoming a professional Mistress. Her first experiences were with rope and she has developed this into a love of the Japanese art of Shibari, which she uses to tie and tease her slaves.

Domme Sakura wishes to show you the desires you keep hidden even from yourself. She will take you on a journey of discovery and build on your submission. She values the relationship that she makes with each Sissy that visits her and will look after your needs.

Mistress Sakura

Ladies of the Manor

Lady Dark Angel


I demand total obedience and complete loyalty from all my subs. Serving ME is your greatest honour and privilege. As your Imperious, Immaculate Goddess of pain and pleasure, I simply love getting into the zone.

Make no mistake. As your MISTRESS TORMENTRESS and GODDESS I enjoy your pain.

Dominance, submission, obedience and of course pain, are all hallmarks of a meeting with ME and you can be sure you'll be taking away cherished momentos of your time with ME.

I will explore and extend your kinks, push you so you will fulfil your dreams and fantasies because of ME. Feel welcome to discuss all your inner thoughts with ME. 

I have an acute understanding of the workings of the submissive mind and above all, revel in My Supremacy over you. I will intoxicate you, inspire you and enslave you. This is Heaven ...... or perhaps the hell that you have been dreaming of.

Once in my clutches you will not escape from ME. Instead you will forever escape to ME.

Lady Dark Angel

Mistress Brook

Welcome, my name is Miss Brook and I am a full time Dominatrix.

I am 5' 7" without heels and with heels will tower over many of you that enter my dungeon. I love being a dominatrix and this shows in both my sessions and the filming that I do.

I class myself as a natural dominatrix with my own unique style, with a curvy figure which I know just how to show off. I am a sadist and love the hardened begging for mercy kind of slave! Don't worry I am also a lover of being worshipped and love teaching new slaves how to obey. Be warned though, once you step foot in my dungeon I will be your addictive pleasure.

I am not your stereotypical hard faced ‘dominatrix’ unless this is what you are wanting, I am very capable of stepping into any scenario. 

I love role play or dressed in normal clothing but don't let this fool you I will get into your brain and leave you begging for more.

Kneel Down and worship my Heels Sissy!

Miss Brook

Mistress Cameo 

I have been in the scene for over 16 years, I am both a lifestyle and pro domme. This is who I am , I assume no role to be Mistress for I am Mistress. Enter my world, a place of divergence, where sensation and emotion play on the line of pleasure and pain, where fear and desire conflict in your very heart.

You will love me, adore me, fear me, hate me but crave and desire my attentions be they cold, cruel, painful or sensual.

You will trust me with your life, and in return I will mould and train you into my perfect plaything, submissive or slave, caring where required and making you suffer when I so choose. 

I want to hear your reactions – be they laughter, tears or seeing your eyes soft with adoration for me. Your reactions are what turn me on and I intend to see them all.

But most of all you will serve me any way I desire and through this submit your all in its entirety with perfect love and perfect trust.

I have a particular love of and specialise in domestic corporal punishment, spanking, OTK and role-play – punishment and correction sessions are a passion of mine. My love of what I do is addictive, you will be unable to help being swept into the moment along with me.

I dare you to visit me, I am celebrated across the globe, incredibly sought after and popular, and infamous as a dominatrix.

Step this way into my Lair Sissy!

Mistress Cameo

Mistress Chloe 

I may look like just your average northern girl but i am more than meets the eye...

I love to know what REALLY makes you tick, be it via cam or for real...

I love to be in charge, so let me take control of you and get inside your mind...

My favourite things are domination of any kind, JOI, humiliation of any form, foot fetish, Sissification to be honest the list is just too long, but if its kinky and a bit out there, then i am a fan!  So what are you waiting for??? 

Don't be scared Sissy! I promise it will be the best session you have had in a long time!!!

Mistress Chloe