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Mini Manor

Mini Manor, part of The Sissy Manor brand……. the remedy for those blue afternoons that need turning pink!!!

Mistress Lila is now introducing Mini Manor Sessions beginning in the next few months, to offer intimate, tailored packages for the Sissy that wants to let herself shine on a smaller stage.

These sessions will be in Mistress’ private residence and will be held on a weekday, for those girls that are not available on weekends.  She will be offering exciting opportunities for 3 hours of her company and guidance over a range of activities, Maximum 4 spaces per Mini Manor event.

23rd November 2018 – “Mini Manor, Maid to Serve” – An opportunity for those that enjoy serving and pleasing their Mistress to come and be made up, choose from our gorgeous range of maids outfits (or bring your own!) and then be given tasks to please Mistress Lila around the residence.

Date TBC – “Mini Manor, Sissy Dressing Room” – Do you want to come and have the time to browse our beautiful outfits, or perhaps you have lots of your own that you never get to wear? Come and have fun trying on different outfits and having your make up completed by a Make Up Artist!

Date TBC – “Mini Manor, Sissy Bake Off with a dash of Sploshing ” – Time to get creative and show Mistress your baking skills!!! Come and enjoy being dressed by Mistress Lila and then impress her with your baking skills, enjoy eating the fruits of your labour with optional Sploshing with leftovers for those that wish to get sticky! (Shower facilities available.)

Other Mini Manor events will also be planned throughout 2019.

Please be aware that these sessions are for those that are interested in the specific tasks of the “Mini Manor” event, with just a few spaces available.  They are ideal for those that wish to try our world in anticipation of graduating to our Bigger Sister’s event “Sissy Manor”, or for those that are more nervous, or need the Motherly guidance that Mistress Lila offers to help you on your way!

Mini Manor events are NOT Sissy Manor” which is a much larger event where you have access to being at the mercy (and pleasure!) of some of the Top Worldwide Dominatrices, with a whole day of fun catered to Sissy Fun and Naughty Frilly Frolics and the option to spend an evening with the Ladies of the Manor in a private environment.

The cost for this Fabulous amount of Fun and Frolics is £300. 

If you would like to book your place for this beautiful event, please Click Here for the Booking Form and select the Mini Manor Event. 

I cannot wait to see you Pretty Girls!

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