Miss Lila

I’m not your typical Dominatrix, I’m more of the caring ‘Mummy’ figure

I know that is exactly what many of you adult babies and sissies need.

Do you need me to make you look and feel like the pretty prissy sissy that I know you long for?

Maybe you need me to change your adult baby nappy?

Or perhaps you want me to give you a full make over?

Maybe you want me to dress you up in layers of petticoats and cute dresses and have you prance around for me, whilst I laugh and giggle uncontrollably!

You better not be a naughty girl though! I may be the kind and caring Lady, however I do know how to use lots of painful toys and lots of pointy things that can be inserted in dark and dirty areas!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing all you pretty girls!

Miss Lila