Suzanna Maxwell

Exceptionally eloquent, very well educated, the epitome of a lifestyle Dominatrix.

A linguist, musician, sportswoman, artist, performer, model, my talents are endless.

I was born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to my will. I have now embraced my true passion fully, in my lifestyle and profession. It resonates in everything I do and everything that I am.

I am very petite and seem a demure English rose to the eye with perfect long golden locks, but beneath that exterior is a sadistic femme fatale. One look from my ice blue eyes will have men helpless at my feet, longing, begging to serve me. My beauty is ethereal, not just in physicality but my mind is of equal exquisiteness. My opulent and sensually dominating personality inspires submission and worship.

I have an intuitive ability to understand the male psyche, and have a penchant for finding those inevitable weaknesses. My pleasure is to take control of the corners of your mind, to receive from you the sacrifice of your body, to hear the sound of paddle, whip or cane and to caress the marks and bruises of my creation on your skin. I have a plethora of BDSM experience and knowledge that is forever evolving and has lead to my inexorable rise to the pinnacle of the Pantheon of Dominas. Control of the mind inevitably leads to control over the body …. I will own you!

I frequently attend Fetish and Femme Domme events all over the UK and abroad.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell