Miss Ruby Marks

I am a highly educated and sophisticated English Domina; born to rule.

As I slowly and seductively create a world in which you are helpless to do anything except submit, I will find those psychological weaknesses within you and have you trembling at my feet unable to tear your eyes away from my exquisite beauty.

​My dominating personality and sensual presence becomes harder to resist and as your servitude progresses you will find yourself beholden to my whims, my pleasure and the beauty of not just my body but that of my mind.

I will own you; not just physically by the caress of my whip, the sharp crack of my cane or the sensual sound of a paddle as it connects with your skin, but by sliding into the darkest corners of your mind and occupying your every waking thought. I inspire total submission, the sacrifice of your body through the control of your mind.

I have spent my whole adult life exploring eroticism, BDSM and fetish play both personally and professionally. I am highly educated in the psychology and philosophy; this, along with my long career in the adult industry, has given me an unparalleled view into the human psyche. Naturally I will use this to my advantage at all times. I take immense pleasure in playing, teasing and toying with you to find and push your emotional and physical limits.

Mistress Ruby Marks