Nicola Rose

A Tale from The Pink Side 3rd October 2017.

Me. Nowhere in particular and doing nothing in particular.

1.22pm. Bing. Twitter DM. Advance Notice: I’ll be announcing this evening that I’m attending sissy Manor on 2nd December. Hopefully you can come x @NannyBettyAB.

Crikey, I would love to go, not sure if I can.

Pink side says: ‘yes, yes, yes, this is what you have been waiting for.’

Blue side says: ‘Your ‘avin a bloomin’ larff ain’t ya? Never in a million years. Yes, I know you have looked at all those picture from other Sissy Manor events, but no way Jose.

2.06pm. Response to Nanny. I would love to come, but Engineering the time away may be difficult.

Blue to Pink ‘naah na na na nah.

Pink. ‘You want to fuckin’ go don’t you, admit it go on.’

Blue. ‘Don’t listen, it’ll never happen, pie in the sky.’

William (stirring from down below). Can I come?

Pink: Calm down William. Don’t get over excited, you know you’re not allowed out.

9.46pm Bing. Nanny. Yes Come (smiley face).

Pink: (Grinning), see told you.

Blue: (Frowning), come on think you bastard, we’re losing this one.

9.53pm. I Me to Nanny: have filled in the form Nanny and have messaged including the word ‘Betty’. I hope that is OK.

Pink (looking very smug) nah nah nan a nah.

Blue (no expression) skulks off to a dark corner defeated once again.

9.55pm bing. Great News…. the event is from 12-5pm. then there is a chill out party.

Fire up the lap top and on-line booking hotels. Why do I need two? No, calm down, I need one hotel for two nights.

10.08pm. Me to Nanny: Thank you Nanny. I have paid the deposit Eeek. (how many ‘e’s are there in Eeek anyway?)

10.35pm bing Nanny: It will be lots of fun x

10.44pm Me to Nanny: Room Booked…. Are there any other mistress’s staying?

11.50pm bing Nanny: Mistress Haven booked my room and one for another Mistress.

12.11am Me to Nanny: I think I might be outnumbered now oops.

Pink: Worried

Blue: Don’t look at me, this was your idea. Grinning.

12.12 am bing Nanny: Def (pmsl face) Pink. OMG!

12.14 am Me to Nanny: Gulp. I suppose pants won’t be allowed then.

01.31am bing (quietly because its night time obviously) Nanny: I believe a device & nappy is more suited (pmsl face). Pink OMFG!! Blue pmsl!

Arrangements made, and accommodation organised, it was eventually decided to meet up in London and drive to Sissy Manor on the Saturday and stay for the soiree. Apparently, the food was to die for and George and Mildred were to be involved.

22 November

Pink: You don’t have any shoes to wear to Sissy Manor.

Blue: HE doesn’t need them. Why are we going in here?

Pink: Look at those. They are gorgeous.

Blue: Yes yes, but they won’t be the right size, will they?

Pink: Pick them up and look go on. No ones looking.

Blue: LOOK EVERYONE. This MAN is picking up pink shoes and looking at them.

Pink: Oh dear, they are a size 7 and you are an 8.

Blue Phew. Put them back and leave quietly, no one will notice, and it will be fine, live to fight another day.

23 November

Pink: They have still got those shooo hooes.

Blue: But they are too small.

24 November

Pink: They have still got those shooo hooes.

Blue: But they are still too small.

26 November

Pink: Lets get them anyway. They look great. 4” heels lovely colour, just what you need. You are running out of time, and they will be gone soon.

Blue: They are to small! No one is going to buy them, they pink! There can’t be many sissies in this town because they are STILL there. No, don’t go in, no. stop now before it’s too la…

Oh, hello, my wife told me to come and get these. Pink: good girl.

That’s very good of her, I wish my husband was as well trained. Blue: Ha!

£3.99 please? (Oh you have cash immediately ready so as not to delay the transaction longer than necessary and give the [totally false] impression these shoes are not for you. C U pal.

Pink: try them on pleeeease.

Blue: Don’t even THINK about it.

Pink: Yes. One foot, and the other.

Blue: (wolf whistles). Wow they look great.

Pink: Oh, but they are a bit tight. I don’t know, should you take them back?

Blue: Not on your nelly. He, no SHE is keeping these.

December 1st The night of the day before

Bastard traffic, half hour journey, around London on North circular, estimated by Google at 45 minutes, only took 2hrs 30 minutes.

Knock on the door at Nanny Betty’s house. Door swings open, no word, no Nanny. No usual greeting and a smile. No being ushered in.

Odd. Oh well, go in anyway.

Door closes. And Sissie Suzie is there resplendent in outfit being ‘road tested’ for Sissy Manor.

Ah Hello, I say; suddenly feeling very over and particularly ordinarily dressed. Come in, there upstairs.

From the landing I see that Nanny is on the changing table. [the purpose made, specially built, Nanny designed changing table] Ha! so she does use it when we babies are not there. No such revelation, she is sitting doing some filming work with @MarmotPink.


They all decide I am indeed over dressed and should be given a more suitable outfit to wear. “You are looking far too like a man, and that’s no good. Says Nanny.

Whilst Sissy Pink Marmot excitedly toddled off and ferreted in the nursery wardrobe for a suitable outfit, I pulled something shiny from my pocket and showed Nanny. Her eyes lit up, and a smile broadened across her previously stern Nanny face. A key!

At this point, the conversation turned to knobs and nipples. Mainly those that should be tweaked, and turned and those that should be left alone. Nanny showed her innocence in such matters and embarrassingly admitted she had been doing it wrong all this time.

Sissy Suzie, was becoming decidedly more uncomfortable in this talk. She frankly had enough knobs and nipple issues to deal with without any more.

Sissy Pink returned with a suitable pink outfit and a cheeky grin. I was handed this and then went to get changed. Man clothes off, to reveal a rather full pink nappy.

Pink. Yaaay.

Blue OMG, this is like sooo embarrassing.

Pink. You have been here before.

Blue. Yes, but not like this, not with others, this is like different.

Pink. Its fucking fantastic.

New clothes on, and ready-ish.

It was decided we were to have a girlie night. Once the filming was done, we settled downstairs. Nanny had prepared some fish and she and Sissy Pink went out to fetch some Chips. We were going to send Suzie, but Suzie wasn’t so Keen.

You do know what you are doing with that key? Say Nanny. Yes, Nanny says I. curtsey.

I haven’t used a key on one like yours before, but it should be Ok.

Be careful and don’t break anything. I’ll be cold and miserable, and you don’t want me cold and miserable.

Gulp. No Nanny. It’ll be fine. [insert deity of your choice] I hope it works.

Upstairs or down Nanny? I say

Upstairs in my bedroom I think.

Gulp, Ok, if you say so. After a good feel around, cold at the bottom, warm in the middle and cold at the top. That’s odd. Mind you on the other side, warm all over. That’s a good sign.

Blue. This is more like it. Nipple play, man’s work.

Pink. I don’t know, are you sure about this?

William. Nothing to do with me, I am keeping out of it. Stuck inside anyway.

“It’s time Nanny, I just need to use the key now, I will need a towel and a stool. It just makes it a bit easier, not being the tallest.”

We will need to let the air out, before the water flows.

“I tried it yesterday on my own and ended up with water in my eye.”

With a bit of a fiddle, some fumbling and peering in to see what was happening, we got there.

Done Nanny. You should have a nice glow and be warm all over now. It can take a while for the full effect to work.

We all sat around, and Sissy pink painted our fingernails. She brought a choice of colours, clear and glittery top coats.

Pink: Isn’t this lovely, all girls together.

Blue: No!

Pink: Ohh, come on, you like it, just a little bit, really.

Blue: I would rather be knob twiddling.

Pink: See you do like it really!

The talk was of what would happen the next day and how excited we all were. Before too long it was bed time. With sissies and babies scattered liberally around the house, Nanny went to bed, and I hoped for afterglow.

December 2nd (the BIG day)

After Suzie and I both woke up early, to be ready for the alarm to go off, as we didn’t want to miss it, it was eventually time to get up. It was a new day, as special day, A dark day.

Pink: Yaaaay up we get. Happy happy happy.

Blue: It still bloody night time

Pink: Who cares, come on up.

Having still got a hangover from the night before. Not the drunken sort but the OMG, how am I going to solve this sort. I had still not got a gift for Sissy Manor Mistresses nor wrapping paper for the Sissy Santa present. I was up and at it early. New nappy, out to the car and away.

Cruising the side streets, I did find a shop that was open, toddled in, bounty sought and bought. I arrived back at Nanny’s with the hunter’s bounty and some croissants for everyone.

Sissy Suzie ventured into the lion’s den and took nanny her breakfast. (OMG hot or cold I thought) The fact Suzie came back largely unscathed, was a good sign.

Nanny eventually came downstairs, resplendent in her afterglow. “Wow, that’s the warmest night I have had for months.”

Blue: Yeah baby.

Pink: Lucky bastard.

William: Don’t look at me, nothing to see here.

Pink: I know darling *sniggers*

Were you warm all over Nanny? I asked tentatively. Oh yes everywhere, it was lovely.

And then we were off. Off into the dawn of a misty winter Saturday, driving on the open road, hood down (It did take Suzie a while to get her little man fully settled) driving care free towards Sissy Manor.

I was able to use the sissy travel time to top up the coat of my nails and get a nice sheen. Nanny, whipped out her phone and the video was captured and sent en-route. Amazing how such things can circulate the globe and be seen by millions in minutes. Well it would be if I as Sissy Kardashian. As it was a few had seen it shortly after uploading. Nanny received excited messages from those already at ‘The Manor’

From motorway, to dual carriageway; A Road to B-road, the scenery gradually changed and the arrived in the sleepy idil of Sissy Manor or Sleeping-by candlelight as its known. A few quid’s worth of stockbroker bonus spent on the property, but bugger all spent in the shop; which is why there is no shop.

The sat nav was quietly confident we would find the right place. We are looking for a barn. But they are all barns.

The group of stock brokers, Accountants, Solicitors and judges, puddling about on the small green erecting and lighting their village Christmas tree, were, to say the least bemused as we drove past more than once. I say, so much traffic for a Saturday, whatever next. And we created all of it, at the same time.

Up and down; round and round, in and out (A bit early for that luv) and with Mistress Haven guiding us in (that is her job after all); we finally arrived backwards, and yelling stop, stop it’s here, at Sissy Manor.

Well here we are, the location for:

A Global Conference on The Preliminary Discussion of a Possible Consultation and Potential Introduction of Combined Re-Classification of the Presently Diverse Library Book Numbering Systems 2017.

Well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Under the cloak of a Saturday afternoon book club, its called Sissy Manor.

We piled (sorry, got) out of the car, and went to the locked door. Suzie and I tentatively knocked on it.

Pink: Yaaaay. We are here, nervous and excited at the same time, but here.

Blue: We are here, wherever, here is.

It opened, good start, and we were greeted by the happy face of a mistress. That’ll change surely. I thought.

We had been told not to wear fetish clothes OF ANY KIND! So, we; apart from Nanny that is, came disguised as men. Nanny probably could have done, but what with the fiddling of knobs and nipples, there wasn’t time.

On entering the Manor, it became clear that Mistress Haven, who, obviously wanted to put us at our ease, had also decided to come disguised as a man. She looked great, it must have taken ages to get the look just right. The branded sweatshirt and tracky bottoms contrasted well with the tweed set of the locality. A South Coast meets middle England sort of a way. To be fair though, Primark don’t sell Harris Tweed, and in Deepest Middleshire, there are no Primark stores.

Suzie, or ‘wheels’ as she is known in her manor, immediately got outed as a hairdresser and collared. Not that sort of collared, that’s later.

I quickly got busy doing a reccie and sussed the joint. The photographer had also come disguised as a man and, enjoyed it so much that he was happy to stay that way for the whole day. This with the occasional foray to womanhood by openly trying on, and, it must be said, enjoying Mistress Havens shoes.

Trip to town (twice)

As we had arrived earlier than requested, albeit to drop off Nanny, so we were quickly dispatched to the local town. Suzie and I set off to market middle place, which is where we were staying. Ah HA a plan. Go to town and check in ready for later. Brilliant!

A few miles of twisting and winding rural roads later, we arrived in the small market town. Roads Closed was our greeting. Oh, that’s a shame, what shall we do now, was our response.

So, we ignored the signs, and drove to the town centre. Brazen and blazé, we stopped and parked in front of a sign that said (well not said as it couldn’t speak) but showed, “No Parking Saturday”. The sign above said (no not said) stated it was Ok to park on Saturday

Tailgate open, cases out, door shut and hot foot it across the road to the hotel. In check-in and away. Not on your flippin’ nelly. Hotel door, no, doors shut and locked. We looked round to see what to do. The passer by, looked at us and the parked car.

Plan B. Look casual, move on. Cases back in to the car and back to the Manor. There are determined mistress back there, and if we are late, well who knows after that.

Mobile phone signals are not the best. My phone was having a quiet day. Not quiet as in few calls, but quiet as it was not going to make a sound when it rings, so it didn’t. Suzie’s phone rang but she couldn’t answer it.

About 300 yards from the Manor, she rang the house. Oh, glad you rang sissy, can you get some sprouts? And some talc and some Pepsi Max. Did you check in?

Well no, it was shut.

Shut, what do you mean shut?

A 3-point turn, and we head back towards town. Slightly less distance, half the time. Gulp.

Ah ha, arrive at the same place. Can’t park in the same place. Look, look, hotel doors are open. We drive in and park at the rear. And lo, as we arrive at the stable, for it was a stable, the reception entrance was before us resplendent in its small and partially concealed sign.

A smart well-groomed gentleman was at the desk as we arrived and just completing his transaction and check in, or so we thought. He left and went to his car.

Confidence boosted, our quest may be nearing its end, we asked to check in. Two problems here? Firstly, she said No, and secondly, we didn’t know in the name of whom the room had been pre-booked for Nanny Betty, and they didn’t know that Sissy Suzie was also staying at the hotel. My room was booked by me, but I still couldn’t have it.

After a bit of discussion, in what must have looked very suspicious, we managed to get two sets of keys, breakfast vouchers and an internet code.

Sign here please? Said the receptionist in a perfectly normal and understanding manner that she uses every day.

Me. (to myself) Shit.

Pink. OMG, how?

Blue. OMG, this is like sooooo embarrassing. (sniggers)

Pink. Nails. Nails, they are purple.

Ok. It was a tall counter and a short receptionist. Its all I have got, it will have to do.

We leave, happy but quickly. She didn’t notice, did she. No, its fine, isn’t it? Right, move on; shops.

Quick foray to find a suitable shop, shopping done, items sourced; divide and conquer on that one; back to the car, load up and away.

The smart gentleman from earlier looked at me from the seat of his car, and said Sissy Manor?

Me (thinks. Fuck)

Pink: Fuck. Look calm and collected. No, no that’s rabbit in the headlights. OMG!

Blue: You’re on your own on this one buddy. [Feet scampering away].

The gentleman smiles. It’s KAT.

Me (thinks) OMG, its Kat, I had forgotten about @KATsissyAB.

I saw the painted nails and just guessed she said. Me, looking at my hands. Was it that obvious?

Pink: Come back blue, it’s OK, its KAT.

Blue: Who the fuck is KAT? It may be fight or flight, but I’m doing both.

Pink: No, its fine, come back.

By this time, Suzie had come to the other side of the car to see who I was talking too.

Its KAT, I said, in relief. At least some colour was returning to my cheeks, and what the hell if it was a redder shade of pink that normal.

Suzie showed KAT the secret sign, her pink nails, and we loaded Kat’s bag in to our car and off we set (Third time lucky) for the manor.

KAT had really gone to town on her man disguise. She looked great, well groomed, smart, almost good enough to blend in to her surroundings completely. To be fair, she did, until she spotted our nails! We, on the other hand, stood out like sore thumbs, well sore thumbs with painted nails.

Text to Nanny, as we depart and head for Sissy Manor.

Have Pepsi, sprouts, and KAT.

Arrived at the Manor (forwards and slowly) at about 11:58. Unloaded, curtains untwitched and feathers unruffled, and we are in. Phew.

Pink: Yaaaaaaay. Sissy Manor

Blue: At last, time to relax.

Pink: Yeah buddy. Nothing to see here. Sniggers.


By this time other disguised gents had arrived and some more lady people, sorry mistress’s.

A few introductions, and put into practice the learning of names from the night before. Not just an ugly face you know. Ok, alright, it was Nanny’s idea.

So, it’s time to ditch all this man type disguise and get changed. The lovely Mistress Liladea picked me for her handiwork and we, no she, chose a chair by the window.

Make up

Whilst we were out, Mistress Haven, had decided that she was fed up with her disguise and had changed into her every day attire. A towering vision she had become, very clever, to hide that away under some tracy bottoms and a hoody.

I was quite surprised to be picked first. In all my experiences at being picked for teams, I was usually last, and often offered to the other team, plus one or two of their already picked players as a bribe so they didn’t have me on their side. Running around kicking a sticky ball hadn’t quite developed into what it is today.

Grabbing the make-up box and with me sitting, she stood in front and set to work.

Blue: OMFG, look at those.

Pink: You mean the two voluptuous globes with a neat yet satisfying cleavage, all comfortably contained in the curves of black latex dress, with just enough cut to create an air of desire whilst maintaining an appropriate amount of modesty, and conveniently placed directly in eyeline?

Blue: Fuck Yeah

Pink: Can’t say I had noticed.

William: I can’t see

Pink: Calm down William.

Pardon mistress, what colour eyeliner? Sorry, I got distracted for a second. It’s a nice view from this window (you said that out loud, didn’t you?)

Mistress and I chatted as she worked on my wizen face and she very quickly put me at ease and gave some ideas as to what was planned for the day. Make up expertly done, and with other sissies removing their well thought out and, it must be said convincing, manly disguises, I got to choose a dress.


Mistress Haven had previously told me (and everyone else on Twitter) that she knew the one for me. I couldn’t wait to see what she had decided. Once we did, Mistress Lila chose something completely different.

Dress chosen, underwear picked and put on, again with expert guidance, the dress was pinned into place. Although, oddly mistress couldn’t seem to resist a cheeky little squeeze of my derriere. OK, so it was being shown off in its fetching pink gingham ruffle plastic nappy cover. This nappy cover was lockable, and for some reason, I had thought it was a good idea to hand the key to Nanny Betty. Eeeeek.

Putting the last safety pin in place on the back of the dress; “That’s it, you’re in, Oh and you’re staying in.” Mistress Lila exclaimed, totally forgetting to disguise a large mischievous grin and an air of total satisfaction on her face.

Blue: Help, this is a nightmare, I’m trapped. Nappy and dress locked fixed into place.

Pink: OMG, I am so happy, this is the most fantastic thing to happen since the last most fantastic thing happened.


I pick up and show mistress the charity shop shoes. I have got these mistress, they are a size 7 and I am a size 8 but they do fit. Do you have any others I can try Mistress? Curtsey. (luckily, I had learnt that from the nearby an impromptu lesson given to Kat by Mistress Haven.)

What about these, mistress? I picked out a pair of long light pink boots with 4” stiletto heels

Pink: They are so totally awesome. I am jumping for joy

Blue: Your get fucking vertigo or break an ankle; or both.

Oh sweetie, I think they are a size 10, and you are an 8. I’m sorry. Mistress told me

Crestfallen. I started to look around for a pair of flipflops.

Blue: Humming the funeral march

Pink: Completely sole destroyed and the entire day is now in tatters.

No wait; says mistress, these are USA size 10, that means UK size 8. They might be Ok.

Excitedly, I sat down and on they went. They fitted like a glass slipper. In fact, I don’t think glass slippers fit this well, well they wouldn’t, they’re glass. Life and colour return. They are divine, Up and running yaaay.

Having worn heels on and off (OK mainly off), since about age 12, I am no stranger and I was off. Twists, turns and steps, all taken in in this sissy’s stride.

Mistress Lila, being so coconscious in her work and me being a dithering wreck od indecisiveness meant; despite starting first, we were virtually the last to be ready. Never mind, I felt great.

A few photos alone and with mistress by the piano, but our tame photographer, and this sissy was good to go.

The admiring glances, positive comments and bottom squeezes, I guess meant a god job had been done, thank you, thank you, thank you x.

Pink: la, la lala la, dancing and twisting.

Blue: Any radiators that need sorting in this manor? Mind you, those mistresses are a bit of alright, I can tell you. Especially that tall one.

Pink: sniggers.

Twisted Twister

Twisted Twister, is the invention of Mistress Haven. Its just like normal twister, but twisted.

In normal twister, the purple dots on the spinner are for a special move to be made. In twisted twister, this means a spin of the punishment wheel. The punishment wheel gave rise to a range of punishments.

Sissies on the dots and mistress in charge of the wheel. The wheel spun freely but somehow tended to stop anywhere the mistresses wanted it to. Funny that.

So off we go. Sissies lined up feet and hands on the different coloured dots, a forest of stocking clad legs and sissies all bent over and with clothes a kimbo. Gosh, that is so unladylike.

Some punishments were meted out, and sissies, became human furniture; had plugs gleefully inserted, where plugs are meant to be gleefully inserted and by gleeful inserters.

My role in this game quickly became apparent. I had to stand for long periods one foot or hand on a yellow dot. The rest of the time, I got purple, lots of purple, and spent time being gleefully plugged, by a VERY gleeful Princess Jessika; spanked gleefully and gladly by both Nanny Betty and Mistress Haven. I was given CBT, by an ever excited and still gleeful Princess Jessika.

Pink: This is fun isn’t it?

Blue: No!

When Princess Jessika walks past you with a very mischievous smile and mouthing the words “your mine”, be afraid, very afraid. Ok. Afraid until, she works her magic. Then be happy, very happy. Princess Jessika, can insert a plug in a way that would put a smile on the face of the Mona Lisa.

Oddly, as it later transpired, there were those praying to be given a punishment; mainly as relief form the confined fate of the twister twists, and those for whom twisted contortions would be a relief from the punishment wheel. Punishment swapping, now there an idea.


The contortions and yelps of punishments came to an end as Mistress Haven announced the lunch was served.

Ladies at the big table and sissies; well, anywhere else really.

The food, neé luncheon feast was prepared by Lady Seductress & Mistress Absolute in the kitchen with the able help of their Sissy.

A fine range of sandwiches and cakes were topped off by a VERY delicious peanut butter type cake thingy, beautifully made by sissy Violet. This cake, whilst looking like any normal tray bake and sitting quietly and innocently on the table, was apparently very dangerous and to be eaten at one’s peril.

Blue: That looks fucking delicious.

Pink: I don’t know, I am on a diet.

Not that it was bad dangerous; but the exact opposite. It was the unseen tidal undercurrent of cakes, the cake that became a Golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It lured you in with a small taste “oh, just a little bit then, it looks delicious”. Once tasted, piece by further piece, enveloped you and left you wanting more, more, more, (oh we know a song about that don’t we children) and spat you out craving as a much as you could take, ever.

It seems even the strongest mistress was powerless to resist the glowing charm of the tray bake cake thingy.

In the meantime, delicious odours were beginning to flood the manor emanating from the kitchen. George, having given up the fight in the oven had succumbed to the heat and was cooking nicely.

I even got invited to sit at the top table. P’s & Q’s minded at all times, managed to avoid too much further ‘Well just because…’punishment.


This is the even naughtier bit of Sissy Manor where those who wish can come together and cum together by indulging in some good old sissy cock related playtime.

I for one, was not really into this aspect and there will be other reviews of participants that can describe the events in far better detail than can I.

The photographs give a flavour to the excitement and naughtiness those sissies enjoyed.

I, for my part took solace in the kitchen with a large plie of potatoes, sprouts (yes, those ones), carrots and cabbage. A foray that was intended to be a brief one, but one in which it became almost necessary to call in the UN.

Adopting, my bestest pretty maids demeaner, I was set to work on stripping vegetables of their outer coatings.

This aspect was occasionally accompanied by the jolly banter between, Madam’s Seductress and Absolute. No quarter given, and none requested, the conversation between them ebbed and flowed above and below the blue line. Implements became close to becoming missiles, but refrain won out.

As far as I know, the ‘discussion’ on the matter of the ‘roasties’, still continues to this very day.

Somewhere in the middle of this, @NannyBettyAB came into the kitchen and whispered, you can come in for a nappy change when you are ready. Yes Nanny. I replied, equally as quietly.

I reached a suitable point in my peeling efforts, waited for a break in the ensuing spud spat, and stood up.

Excuse me Mistress, may I be excused for a Nappy change?

Pink: OMG this is so embarrassing

Blue: Do I know you?

Yes of course sissy, you may. Was the response, from one, the other or maybe both of the mistress’s.

High heeling it out of the kitchen into the main barn, I am confronted with Nanny Betty conducting a nappy change of another sissy on the long sofa AND in front of everyone!


Pink: Look, don’t worry, Its Nanny, she has done it for you loads of times.

Blue: I still don’t know you, I am not sure I can show my face ever again.

“Come on the Nicola Rose”, says Nanny Betty, in her soft, but authoritative tone and patting the sofa. I walk over and am instructed to lie down on my back.

Plastic pants down, and not for the first time, everything is revealed to the audience. A fact not unnoticed by Nanny as she points out my locked state, purposefully checking its security at the same time.

Oh well, this is fun, I think; as Nanny goes about her work in her usual manner and tried and tested routine. Powdered, nappied and with her friendly tap of my now enclosed genitals, a satisfied grin from Nanny, and I am set free; sorry, allowed to get up and return to the kitchen.

The melee of the cooking is unabated as I return, but things are hotting up in many ways. The oven has almost reached its potential. Poor thing has probably never not been this hot in it entire life.

Veggies prepared (vegetables not non-meat eaters), I was discharged and left. To be honest, anywhere in the manor, irrespective of what was going on, was metaphorically safer for anyone than the kitchen at that time.

Naughty sissy time had concluded with many satisfied faces, red bottoms and mistresses with looks of achievement.

Secret Sissy Santa

Mistress Haven gathered everyone around the low table and announced she was going to give out he Sissy Secret Santa presents.

The first present was picked from the pile by Mistress Haven, and, after assessing its size and shape, and with a random guess as to its contents, chose a sissy to receive it.

This was repeated for the second present, and I was chosen as the recipient of that.

No sooner had I received the gift; than the proceedings came to an eye-popping and abrupt halt. That was not just the sissies, I can tell you.

Into the room, obviously having got delated helping with the tree decorating in the village square, a smiley vision of Saucy Santa appeared.

Blue: Fuck Me!

Pink: Fuck Me!

Everyone else: Fuck Me!

William: Let me out of here, this is not fair.

Mistress Haven: I have no idea whatsoever what Mistress Haven was thinking.

George: Come back, someone’s left the oven on, it’s getting a bit warm.

After Mistress Haven had gathered her thoughts, herself, everything and everyone together, presents were returned to the pile, to be given out again, but this time by Saucy Santa.

Oddly, the same two sissies ended up with the same two presents. Sissies were given and allowed to open presents first. Afterwards, mistress had a separate pile of presents and Saucy Santa handed those out.

There were some things that could be worn, some drunk and some edible. There were some that were probably going to be eaten, even though they shouldn’t and some that could be enjoyed time after time, assuming the batteries kept going. Everyone had a smile, some now, and some later as well no doubt.

Saucy Santa hung around for some photographs and then disappeared.

Mistress Luci came in to see what the fuss was about, but was so disappointed to have missed the present giving, maybe next time.

Home time for some

By this time, the day was nearing its official end. Some sissies had to change back into their male disguises and return home, whilst others could stay and enjoy the dinner and conversation.

I took the opportunity, if only to rescue my phone and help tidy up, to partially change. This did require the formal undoing of the dress and undergarments.

As I had enjoyed the day so much, I chose to put on a second dress. This was a red and black number and I loved it. The tame photographer had, by this time, been taken to catch his train and there is little formal recorded evidence of the costume change.

The pink boots stayed, and I would still be wearing them if I could.

George and Mildred

The banter from the kitchen waned and food, delicious looking food, started to emerge from the culinary temple. A veritable feast of items. Food for meatitarians, vegetarians, pescatarians and Vegans. (in no particular order other than the king of the feast was George.) George was a magnificent bird, golden brown skin and hot succulent flesh beneath.

A description that could equally be applied to the Ladies of the manor also (Gosh, I hope this works)

Mildred, was a well-travelled and complex creature with many facets. She was a multi layered fish pie of some depth and quality, made and brought to the Manor by Mistress Absolute.

Add to this stuffing (no don’t even go there) and vegetables, the table groaned under its weight. I thought the human furniture punishment thing had ceased long ago.

Seating order as before, meals were consumed, and a general air of satisfaction, calmness and peace fell over the Manor. The flow of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks stimulated conversation, and everyone reflected on-the food, spudgate, the day and everything else.

I have to say, the feast was magnificent and to create this with the equipment, facilities, and sissies you had to work with was a significant achievement.

Reflection, what and why.

The day done, food consumed, and like any other Christmas Day, remaining family members sat around the table discussing event of the day. Unlike most families, and apart from Spudgate, there hadn’t been too many arguments. Maybe an FLR Christmas is a good thing.

It was during that time of thought and discussion, it became apparent how much we all; sissies mainly, but mistresses too to a certain degree, have to cover up what we are and what we like.

The fabric of society and individuals we hold dear are not always so understanding (or aware) of the aspects of our lives, we so much enjoy.

One sissy sent a text to Mistress Haven, it became clear that other aspects of his life had indirectly lead to a discovery of part of her sissy life. This, had caused disruption in the household on his return.

This was like a bombshell to all of us. And brought tears to the eyes of at least one mistress. It was like the downing of a comrade in battle. Here but for the grace of [insert deity of choice here] go I

It shows, and brought home to me, how much is invested in trying to keep alive an aspect of one’s life that is so deeply ingrained but must, for the most part, remain shaded from general gaze.

That filters through into the exhaustive preparation for the days event, the arrival instructions, the location, the amount of publicity, the booking of the venue and what to tell someone its intended use is. All, in some way, creating a safety shield from public gaze. Not because there is anything particularly horrible or distasteful to hide, indeed to allow a place for something that is perfectly legal. All because the wider world is not yet accepting of something that everyone in that room enjoys day after day. Something that is enjoyed by millions of participants around the world; but yet something that society, will not easily accept. This is despite all the freedoms that have come about over the last 40-50 years.

We live in a society where for women to dress as men, to wear men’s clothes is seen as sexy and appropriate. The opposite is to be ridiculed, misunderstood and scorned. Throw Adult babies in to the mix and the media just explode with derision, belittlement and distain that such a thing should go on.

This is somewhat odd, as it is from those very sections of society, that the participants they so deride are drawn. The families that despise and concur with such media judgement are the same families from where the participants emanate.

This is clearly shown, by the fact the journalists are the most upstanding, honest, reliable, straight and transparent members of society. [sorry, this is getting too deep, it’s getting to late, and I haven’t had a single drop to drink]

The point is we can’t be what we would like to be, because society and stereotyping won’t let it. This is changing slowly and good for that but the road remains long and tortuous.

All of this is contrasted by the fact that two of the members of the family for the day were husband and wife. She was fully open and accepting of what her spouse was doing. Wow, amazing. She was the shy one. All the how’s, what’s, wherefores and reasons we don’t know, but is just goes to show, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a small light and a long way away, but it is there, for some at least.


For me, and having had time to reflect on the day, the whole weekend was utterly fantastic. A really great weekend. Good company, great fun and all in a place that is accepting, relaxing and allows freedom to explore.

No pressure, no fuss, each to their own.

I wish to thank everyone who took part, everyone had contributed to the event in some way that made the whole day and event so rewarding.

Each of the mistresses, who undertook their individual roles seriously but respectful of boundaries and limits, and with the emphasis on fun.

The sissies, without whom there would be no Manor, but came together as a group that made the day flow so smoothly.

Mistress Haven, for being Mistress Haven and putting this whole thing together, that created the playground and a place to explore.

Nanny Betty and Mistress Liladea, for taking shy little Nicola Rose under their respective wings and allowing her to express what I am in being her.

And last, but definitely not least;

Secret Santa, who made everyone’s day.