Sissy Manor

Sissy Princess Pottypants:

My heart was pounding the whole journey up to the Manor. But as soon as I stepped through the door, the Mistresses of the Manor helped me step out of my silly little boy side and into my proper little sissy self. 

The beautiful Mistress Wildfire quickly and expertly applied makeup to my face, which made me look just like the blushing Barbie doll I’ve always wanted to be. 

Shorty afterwards, Mistress Haven changed me into a thick pink nappy (with much teasing and squeezing). In front of all the other sissies, I thought things couldn't get anymore embarrassing or exciting than this. I was dead wrong! From the Sissy Wheel of Fortune, The Tea Party, Being spanked and being fucked by a dildo deep in my bum bum, the Exhilarating, frilly fun never stopped!  I've never had such a humiliating, sexy fun time and I will be returning to the Manor as soon as possible! 

If you've ever thought, imagined or dreamed what it I would like to be a sissy...  You need to stop with the Fantasies, and let the mistress mould you into the Prissy, Slutty and Naughty Girl you are deep down!"

Sissy Princess Pottypants x