Natasha Strange

I have been kinky all my life and a professional Dominatrix since 1995.

I am educated, well-travelled and use my sensuality to get what I want in all aspects of my life. Formerly located in San Francisco, I am now based in Portland Oregon.

I prefers my men on their knees with their cocks in cages and their reddened bottoms covered in silky pink panties.

My favourite playthings are sissies feminized and humiliated, tormented and teased. I love to restrain you, and overwhelm you with sensations. I love to whisper in your ear about all the things I have planned for you. I have many devotees who are not true sissies, but even they have learned to enjoy wearing panties. I enjoy controlling you and watching you squirm. I want to know that I am on your mind every waking moment, and I love to hear how I have invaded your dreams.

My desire is to increase my stable of devoted supplicants by a few genuinely eager submissives. Once you have proven yourself we will develop a relationship like no other, much like an obedient puppy and their Mistress you will crave my wicked affections and beg for my scraps. I will become an integral part of your life and if you are lucky, you will also become part of mine.

Princessa Natasha Strange