The Sissy Manor is a BDSM event that is completely unique.

The Sissy Manor Events are Held in Gorgeous, Luxury Houses in the Countryside throughout the UK.

Once you arrive you will be greeted by the Ladies of the House, who not only are beautiful Ladies, they are also Professional Dominatrices.

Once introduced you will begin in the Sissification process, your make up will be put on, you will be put into some beautiful lingerie and finally dressed in one of the Sissy Manors’ beautiful dresses.

We have a selection of dresses, lingerie, shoes, wigs and tonnes of make up. If you have your own items you are welcome to bring them, however your final outfit will be the Ladies of the House decision!

Along with the beautiful Sissy clothes, there will be a selection of equipment as well as plenty of activities which you will be instructed to do once dressed and ready.

Like all Professional Dommes, you will be asked upon booking to give us any of your Hard Limits and if you are carrying any injuries please notify us of that too.

We welcome Non-Experienced Sissies/Subs as well as Experienced Players, once you enter the Manor you will all be treated the same and you will all follow orders set by the Ladies of the House.

There are plenty of Hotels and B&Bs within a 20 min drive of all the Events we run.

In all of the Houses which we use, they are incredibly discreet and have ample parking facilities.

As we don’t want to disclose the exact location, people who confirm their booking will be sent the address upon receipt of payment, we ask that you keep this information private.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.