Mistress Wildfire

I appreciate the D/s power exchange as a way of indulging My dominant nature.

I love nothing more than to stretch the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract My time and attention.

Mental connection between Me and My slaves is for Me the most important part of having a fulfilling D/s relation and I take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice and in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world.

The training and development of My Sissies focuses on the core areas of control, discipline, obedience and worship.

Whether I am feeling kind, or strict and severe; through instruction and enforcement, reward and punishment, My slaves reach deep levels of servitude as they strive to meet My demanding standards.

I have a very inquisitive mind and I always enjoy learning new and fascinating things about BDSM currently I am exploring both fetish and erotic hypnosis which acts as a fascinating addition to the list of my fetishes.

Mistress Wildfire