Sissy Baby Naomii

This was my first time attending an event such as this.

I was blown away with the professionalism of how it was run, how at ease I was made to feel, the sumptuous Mistresses and all the other sissies beautifully made up wearing the prissiest of outfits.

The day started off getting myself ready with the majority of the other sissies being made up and dressed downstairs - of course the service was open to everyone but I love playing around with makeup and making an entrance hehe. We then had a magical sight of the stunning Ladies mingling with the pretty sissies before having a little photo shoot. Not everyone was comfortable with having their picture taken which was impeccability honoured but the resulting photo's are WOW! An afternoon of fun ensued with some amusing and humiliating games after which we had the opportunity to be used like the sissy sluts we were! Everyone's limit was respected with some not so keen on the naughtier fun but oh my girls, you sure missed out 😉

Moving into the evening, we had a marvellous BBQ made by Lady Seductress and setup by the sissies. A little quiet, 'chill out' period chatting with everyone was had and a few more drinks consumed which lead to some further naughtiness; all very very enjoyable!

The following day was a lot of fun in the sun playing more games in the garden watched and goaded on by the Mistresses; all the sissies trying our best to amuse the Ladies with some yummy custard as punishment... we didn't get to eat it like one normally would... with the finale being lots of very colourful gunk!

It appeared everyone had a fabulous time and was sad when it was time to say our goodbyes.

Whatever level of experience you have I would recommended if for you. If you enjoy being in the presence of the most exquisite Mistresses, your frilly sissy sisters, wonderful food with flowing drinks and devilish fun; this is an event not to be missed.

Naomii xXx