Sissy Shirley

Attending was one of my most nerve wracking decisions.

Yet it turned out one of the best decisions I've ever made.

When I first got there I was nervous and unsure of what to expect but right away the friendly atmosphere made me relax.

The amount of dresses available was mind blowing and it was so much fun getting to dress up pretty. Throughout the day we got made up, dressed up and our photos taken, (those who wanted to anyway) and getting to meet the sissies and such wonderful Mistresses over a relaxed dinner was great.

Afterwards we got to show off for the Mistresses in a sissy talent show, it was so much fun getting to amuse everyone. However for me the most fun came late in the night when we really got to play and we all got to show our inner sluts it was truly an unforgettable time.

Sadly all great things must come to and end and the next day we said our goodbyes and left, I left with so many wonderful memories and the knowledge that I will definitely come back this beautiful place, I genuinely feel so lucky I got to go and can't wait to be back.