Miss Jessica Wood

My name is Miss Jessica Wood. I'm a professional BDSM Mistress, and I would like to invite you into my world...

I am a strict mistress and frequently cruel woman, who thoroughly enjoys all aspects of BDSM - punishing and torturing misbehaving subs during my mistress sessions. I also enjoy worship sessions if you are lucky enough to please me.

"A very beautiful, capable and naturally dominant woman with a strict, no nonsense demeanour, she's in charge, so you'll behave or suffer for any infractions. Miss Jessica is expert at role-playing and caters for many Kinks".

Working since 2003, I have a wicked sense of humour and roleplay is a speciality of mine along with spanking/caning, facesitting and CBT although I love lots of other activities like foot, shoes & boot worship, trampling and Sissification.

To torment and inflict pain on my subs more effectively, I have an extensive wardrobe and always dress in the appropriate attire for the chosen aspect of BDSM. I am also renowned for my roleplay abilities, so you will soon forget where you are and lose yourself in a session if you dare to play along with me.

Miss Jessica Wood