Nottinghamshire, UK, June, 2024

We're so pleased to announce our annual Summer Summer Sissy Manor Event in Nottinghamshire UK. Saturday 15th June 2024, you will have the amazing opportunity to spend an entire Day & Overnight, being Sissified, Humiliated, Disciplined, Transformed and Trained in Serving the Finest Dominatrices in the World.

The gorgeous property where we will be holding the event is a massive venue, with unrivalled privacy and great features, for lots of play and plenty of Sissy Fun! There is plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Space where the Sissies will be able to Serve and take plenty of Discipline from the Ladies of the Manor. There are fabulous transport links, and for those that are travelling from further away. The Train Station is only a Short Taxi Away!

Sissy Manor prides itself on our Outfits, Make-up and Equipment. We have literally spent thousands, and every Sissy who has visited us, has been in awe of our incredible Wardrobe! With tonnes of outfits in all colours/sizes and materials. A huge selection of shoes in various sizes. Every colour & style of Wig imaginable & an arsenal of make up! Our collection of toys and accessories is equally impressive. From Diapers to Dildos... Paddles to Plugs... We have it all!

This is the Only Place you need to Retreat to if your a Sissy!

Whether your a Novice or Full time Sissy or ABDL, we are here to transform and train you into becoming the most gorgeous and well trained sissies/ABDL's you can be. The Ladies of the House are all Professional Dominatrices and have many years of Experience within this field, so you better not be a naughty Sissy, or you might go home with a Sore Ass!

The Ladies of the Manor Appearing at this event are

Types of Ticket & Costs

The Cost for Sissy Manor Nottinghamshire is £1000. This includes the day and overnight fun, dressing and full transformation, all the kinky play, food and overnight stay in the Cosy "Maid Quarters". All deposits, bookings and installments are non-refundable as per our Terms & Conditions. Make sure you read them in full!

Pictures & Privacy

Some of our Sissies & ABDL's like having their Pictures taken and some do not. We of course respect everyone's right to privacy and before the event you will be given a choice whether you want your picture taken or not. There is absolutely no pressure, this is your weekend!

Before you proceed to hitting the Booking button ensure you have read all the info above, read again if necessary. Also be sure to have read the Terms & Conditions, no refunds. If you've got all that and ready to taste a little piece of paradise at one of our legendary events proceed to booking.